About Nikko 

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Nikko Sushi first opened in 1989 as a Japanese Restaurant.  In 2006, under a new owner,  Nikko Sushi changed its name to Nikko Sushi Soju Sarang and has become one of the best Japanese & Korean restaurants in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs. Soju is a distilled liquor native to Korea made with rice and Sarang, in Korean, means love.Since the new ownership, Nikko Sushi has become a family operated restaurant that keeps its traditions.  Jung Lee, the Master Chef, dedicated his life to Asian cuisine for 30 years. He passed down his secret recipes to his son, John Lee,  who is now the owner and the head chef of Nikko Sushi. Head Chef John Lee uses the secret recipes that has been passed down for generations to create delicious and traditional dishes.

We proudly serve every guest with friendly smiles that set an inviting and wonderful experience so guests can enjoy our phenomenal and unique menu. We prepare our fish that are freshly cut in our restraurant and use organic vegetables to create our dishes daily. Every meal comes with miso soup, salad, and appetizer samples to give our guests the best dining experience.  We also have a special gift we present to our “regulars” that come to our restaurant. Each of our “regulars” will receive his/her own personalized chopsticks and in the past 8 years we have accumulated over 2,000.